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Trademarking Races

June 13, 2022 Brian Gallant, Suzanne Sjovold, Jon Deppe Episode 33
Head Start
Trademarking Races
Show Notes

Have you ever thought about trademarking your race’s name or logo? Trademarking your race and brand could help protect your business against trademark infringement, and the risk of getting someone else’s event confused with yours, whether that is done through malice or ignorance.

Today we’re going to be looking at all aspects of trademarks and the trademark registration process, with the help of no less than three distinguished guests - Brian Gallant of Sinister Sports, who had to defend his race trademark against a competing claim not too long ago, and intellectual property lawyers Suzanne Sjovold and Jon Deppe who will be bringing the legal expertise in today’s highly technical subject.

We are going to be looking at the process of registering a new trademark, defending a registered trademark you own against infringement, as well as the many protections afforded to your brand by law even in the absence of a formal trademark registration, through the concept of common law trademarks. So stick with us to have all your trademark-related questions answered.

In this episode:

  • Trademarks as a consumer protection device
  • What aspects of a race can (and can't) be trademarked
  • Trademark geographical limitations: federal vs state/regional protection
  • Common law trademarks: what they are, and what protection they already provide for your race even without trademark registration
  • Resolving conflicts between common law trademarks and registered trademarks
  • Defending your common law trademark against a competing trademark registration
  • Why using your trademark in trade is crucial for establishing trademark protection
  • Registering a trademark, trademark registration classes, and trademark search best practices
  • Establishing registration priority with intent-to-use trademarks
  • The cost of registering a trademark
  • DIY trademark registration: is it worth it?
  • (R) vs TM: Understanding trademark symbols and when/where to use them 
  • Renewing and defending registered trademarks

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