Head Start

Finding & Approaching Sponsors

September 19, 2022 Teresa Stas Episode 40
Head Start
Finding & Approaching Sponsors
Show Notes

Securing sponsorship is undoubtedly one of the toughest jobs on any race director’s plate. And finding and approaching sponsors, in particular, is probably the toughest bit of it.

Where do you even begin looking for good sponsor prospects? How do you know which person to contact? What do sponsors really want? And how do you make that first approach to maximize your chances of success?

We’ve got some awesome tips for you on all those burning questions and more from today’s guest, Teresa Stas. Teresa is the CEO of event sponsorship consultancy Green Cactus, she is also the author of “Sell Your Event!: The Easy To Follow Practical Guide To Getting Sponsors”, and she has spent her entire career helping events of all shapes and sizes land long-term sponsorship relationships, including Hood to Coast, the world’s largest relay race - now also a growing international relay race franchise. 

In this episode:

  • Selling sponsorship = selling an audience
  • Figuring out your event's audience 
  • How your audience's interests can guide your sponsor prospecting 
  • Understanding your audience through surveys, Facebook Insights, Google Analytics, marketing personas
  • Putting together an introduction deck (not a sponsorship proposal!) for your event
  • Where to look and what to look out for when prospecting sponsors
  • In-kind sponsors, sustainability sponsors, media sponsors
  • Finding the right contact person inside each sponsor organization
  • Cold-calling vs cold-emailing sponsor prospects
  • How to cold-call and cold-email sponsors
  • Following up on your initial cold/email to sponsors
  • Making the most of sponsor rejections


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