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Carbon Neutral Race Production

November 28, 2022 Porter Bratten Episode 45
Head Start
Carbon Neutral Race Production
Show Notes

In a previous episode of the podcast with guest Brian Schmidt of P3R, we saw how it is possible for even a very large race like the Pittsburgh Marathon to achieve zero waste status - that is, the goal of diverting more than 90% of total race waste away from landfill.

But what about carbon emissions? Is it equally feasible to aspire towards carbon neutrality, that is to say, putting on an event with net zero (or perhaps even negative) carbon footprint.

Well, that’s what we’ll be discussing today with my guest Porter Bratten, owner of Washington-based Blackfish Ventures and a passionate practitioner of sustainability in all the races he puts on. We’re going to be looking at what makes up a race’s carbon footprint, how to formulate a practically achievable carbon mitigation strategy, and how carbon offsetting can help bridge the gap to carbon neutrality where further improvements in lowering carbon emissions may not always be possible. 

In this episode:

  • What contributes to your race's carbon footprint
  • Direct emissions, indirect emissions and purchased energy
  • Understanding which emissions you can measure and control
  • Estimating your race's carbon footprint
  • Making participant carpooling work
  • Offering a no-medal/no-shirt option
  • Green electricity: what it is, how much it costs and how to get it
  • Involving your participants in your sustainability strategy
  • How carbon offsetting works
  • Doing due diligence on and selecting carbon offset projects
  • Using carbon offsetting to offset participant travel and shipping emissions
  • Are participants wiling to pay a "sustainability premium" for greener races?
  • Making the most of sustainability sponsors

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