Head Start

Race Trends 2022

February 20, 2023 Bob Bickel, Johanna Goode Episode 51
Head Start
Race Trends 2022
Show Notes

When you want to know what’s happening and trending in the endurance events industry by the numbers, where do you turn to? Well, for me and many people I know, the definitive source of event data for the industry is, and has been for some time, RunSignup’s annual RaceTrends report.

The report leverages RunSignup’s extensive registration data from tens of thousands of events to point to trends in overall event participation, event pricing, participant demographics, registration trends and a myriad other things.

The most recent edition of the report was out a couple of weeks ago, and, despite a weak start to 2022, the data does seem to suggest that the post-pandemic industry recovery is picking up pace with some races recovering better than others and noticeable entry fee increases across the board on all race distances and disciplines.

With me today to discuss the numbers, the trends and their implications for individual events and the industry as a whole, I’m delighted to have RunSignup’s own Bob Bickel and Johanna Goode. Bob and Johanna will be helping me make sense of some of the more interesting data points in the report and offer their own takes on what the numbers might be telling us for where the industry could be heading in 2023 and beyond.

In this episode:

  • A few words about the RunSignup Roadshow 
  • 2022 overall registrations compared to 2021 and 2019
  • The outlook for registrations in 2023
  • Why registrations growth for larger events underperformed smaller races in 2022
  • Event churn (=percentage of races that haven't returned in consecutive years) since 2019 and 2021
  • Repeat participation trends, and why they matter
  • Virtual race participation stats
  • Increasing inclusivity in races and making the most of the post-pandemic running boom
  • Age group participation trends and Gen Z runners
  • When people register and how it's changed since the pandemic
  • Are higher entry fees having an impact on participation numbers?

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