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Instagram & Influencer Marketing

February 06, 2024 Race Directors HQ Episode 68
Head Start
Instagram & Influencer Marketing
Show Notes

With more than 2 billion monthly active users (MAUs), Instagram has secured a comfortable lead as the social media platform of choice for the vast majority of online-active almost-30s and 30-somethings out there. And with Instagram’s core audience slowly aging to match running’s demographic sweet spot, it’s really important your race gets its Instagram strategy right soon, if you have an Instagram strategy at all.

So, how do you master Instagram’s highly-visual storytelling to reach new audiences on the platform? How do you build a consistent brand voice with all the tools Instagram has to offer? And how do you leverage running influencers, user-generated content, freelance contractors and free-to-use graphical design tools to make the most of the limited time and money you can commit to the platform?

That’s what we’ll be discussing today with returning guest and resident race marketing expert, Andy Reilly. Through his race marketing agency, Eventgrow, Andy has planned and executed online marketing strategies for some of the country’s top running events, including the Buffalo Marathon, Run Catalina and the San Francisco Marathon, and in his past appearances on the podcast has contributed to some of our most popular episodes, most recently a Facebook marketing two-parter that is a must listen if your race is doing anything on Facebook. 

But, today it’s all about Instagram, and with Andy’s help we’re going to be looking at Instagram from the very high level of strategy and using Instagram alongside Facebook and your other marketing channels, all the way down to the nitty-gritty of image selection, contrast plays, picking catchy headlines and even what types of faces work best on an Instagram ad. Not to mention a very practical 101 crash course on using microinfluencers to extend your brand reach.

In this episode:

  • The evolution of Instagram audience demographics over the years
  • Instagram vs Facebook from a user perspective
  • Easy-win content ideas for starting out on Instagram
  • Including (or excluding) Instagram placements on ad manager
  • The most efficient way to pick copy/images for your Instagram ad
  • Writing copy that works and picking the right creatives
  • Picking images that work: leveraging contrast, choosing happy faces, hero images
  • Thinking through your Instagram ad funnel, CTAs
  • Working with freelancers and contract graphic designers
  • Planning your growth path and spending money on marketing
  • The importance of using Instagram filters consistently and aligning your style with your brand
  • Driving engagement through humor
  • Sharing user-generated content
  • Microinfluencers: what are they, where to find them, and what to offer them
  • Using microinfluencers to generate authentic, engaging content for your race
  • Assessing ROI for your microinfluencer spend

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