Head Start

Welcome to Head Start!

April 20, 2021 Race Directors HQ
Head Start
Welcome to Head Start!
Show Notes

Welcome to episode zero of Head Start, the podcast for race directors and the business of putting on races. 

In this first short episode, Panos sets out what you should expect from future Head Start episodes, namely: 

1) The best and coolest innovation happening in the mass-participation endurance industry that you may not know about

2) Top tips and actionable advice from industry experts to help you better plan, manage and market your race.

Stay tuned and subscribe for the roll-out of our first 6-episode mini-season, featuring the following episodes:

E1.  "Race Insurance in the Age of Pandemics" with Nicholas Hill Group Managing Partner, Nathan Nicholas

E2.  "Trees not Tees" with Trees not Tees Director, Chris Zair

E3.  "Marketing Races in 2021" with Big Run Media Managing Partner, Thomas Neuberger

E4.  "A Guide to Bluetooth Timing" with Atlas Live Tracking Founder, Jean-Louis Lafayeedney

E5.  "Mastering Charity Partnerships" with CharityTeams Founder, Susan Hurley

E6.  "Notpla/Ooho" with Notpla CFO/COO, Lise Honsinger