Head Start

The Power of Race Reviews

September 20, 2021 Episode 14
Head Start
The Power of Race Reviews
Show Notes

Ask yourself this: when was the last time you bought something without checking out reviews for it online?

Experiences, like races, are no different. When you have a dozen 10Ks to choose from, you’ll want to hear what others have to say about each race before making your decision.

And that’s where race reviews come in. Whether they’re hosted on your website or a third-party site, reviews are the mirror of your race to the world. It’s the best social proof you have and the most effective way to communicate to prospective participants what’s great and unique about your events.

Well, my guests today, Alex Tanti and Katie Ho, know a thing or two about the power of race reviews. Through Racecheck.com and RaceRaves.com, they’ve helped thousands of races make the most of the huge missed opportunity that is race reviews, and they’ll be sharing with us today all the tips and tricks that can help you make the most of your race reviews in your marketing and PR communications.

In this episode:

  • The importance of race reviews in race marketing and the participant sign-up journey
  • Race reviews vs race surveys as feedback and marketing tools for organizers
  • Why even mediocre reviews are better than no reviews at all 
  • How to win over participants by addressing negative reviews
  • Medals, goodie bags, porta potties: common things people focus on when reviewing a race
  • How a participant’s race performance will bias their review of the race
  • How to use strong race reviews in your race marketing, social media and with local media
  • How to address negative reviews and win over participants
  • How to encourage participants to leave more reviews for your race
  • Using incentives to solicit more reviews and how to do it right

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