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[Bonus] The Big Tyvek Squeeze

October 29, 2021 Race Directors HQ
Head Start
[Bonus] The Big Tyvek Squeeze
Show Notes

Today, we have a bonus episode for you. And it’s all about Tyvek. Yes, that wondrous paper-like, fabric-like material, that is actually neither paper nor fabric, that our industry uses to make race bibs.

Well, that wondrous material is now in a bit of a supply freeze. That’s right - the owners and exclusive manufacturers of Tyvek, DuPont, have informed printers that no more printing-grade Tyvek shall be made available until the end of the year, in an effort to divert production to medical-grade Tyvek, used in PPE and medical supplies, which, not surprisingly, is in high demand lately.

So what is to become of Tyvek race bibs? I sat down with Marathon Printing President and third-generation bib printing specialist, Ryan Zirk, to find out. 

In this episode:

  • Tyvek's special properties making it ideal for race bibs
  • Tyvek's (many) other industrial uses: PPE, packaging, weather barriers
  • Printing on Tyvek bibs: from bulk Tyvek sheets to finished bibs
  • Printing Tyvek at home: can it be done?
  • Recycling Tyvek bibs: where and how you can recycle your Tyvek bibs
  • DuPont's announcement of halting production of printer-grade Tyvek
  • Alternatives to Tyvek for printing bibs, if printer-grade Tyvek inventories are exhausted 

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